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Website Launches Free Mobi Converter

Website Launches Free Mobi Converter

USA – The online world is useful in a number of ways; especially, when it comes to information, education and most importantly books, some of which are available for free. These are called e-books and most can be downloaded or read online. In case of Mobi books, people might have problems opening this format on their computers. So now, this website is providing the Mobi Converter so that people can enjoy all sorts of books in the format of their choice.

The main job of this software is to convert Mobi to other popular reading formats like PDF, TXT, HTML, etc. And since these formats are most commonly used people won’t have any problem opening and reading them. This software has been especially created keeping in mind the convenience of users; hence, it comes with a simple, easy to understand and yet a comprehensive interface. This ensures that the users will have no problem using the software and yet they will find whatever function they are looking for easily. Another positive point about this software is the speed; the conversion is completed so quickly and is done so efficiently that it feels like magic.

More time saving is possible with the batch conversion option; here a number of files can be converted at the same time and saved to the desired folder. All viewers have to do is queue up all the files that are to be converted, select one’s preferences and start the conversion. But that doesn’t mean that users can’t convert single files; both ordinary as well as batch conversion features are provided, which makes this software flexible. Thus, if one is looking for a free, easy to use and quick Mobi Converter software application, this can be said to be the best possible option.

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This free software is easy to use and completes the conversion quickly.

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