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Website Launches Free PDF Splitter

Website Launches Free PDF Splitter

USA – Though PDFs are quite convenient to view and share data copying some specific part of the PDF isn’t possible. Unlike word or notepad users cannot simply select a part of the data and cut, copy or paste it. So, one requires special software, like the PDF Splitter, to remove a part of the data present in the PDF file. This website is now providing the free PDF Splitter using which users can split PDFs into as many new PDFs as required.

Using this software one can split a PDF file and create a new PDF for every single page in the original PDF. And such newly created PDF will have all the features and conveniences of any normal PDF. Downloading the software and using it is very convenient. One just has to visit the website and directly download the software from the website. Once the download is done it is good to go; people can simply install it onto their device and start using it. The software is standalone and hence doesn’t require any additional supporting software for it to work.

The software also comes with a simple layout making it quite easy to use. Anybody, even those without much software knowledge, can easily use the software. This software provides users a number of different options; users can split a PDF into a number of PDFs, save them, delete any unwanted data, rearrange the data and also add new pages. Apart from splitting, this software also allows the users to merge a number of pages into a single document. Hence, this is the best option for people who are looking to make any type of modification to PDF documents.

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This software is free, easy to download and use, comes with a simple layout and gets the job done quickly.

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