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Website Launches the New and Free Picture Viewer

Website Launches the New and Free Picture Viewer

USA – Every Windows system comes with a default picture viewer but sometimes one requires a bit more. This is why the website has now launched the free Picture Viewer. This software is free, easy to use and comes with a number of features such that one can do a lot more with this software that the one that comes in default with a Windows OS. Additionally, this software works on all Windows operating systems just like the default software.

Apart from being absolutely free of cost, this software is quite easy to use. One can view the pictures either in Explorer View mode or the single view mode which gives bigger picture size. If necessary, one can start with the explorer mode and then switch over to the single view mode too. This software also allows for zoom in and zoom out so that one can view pictures, enlarge them and then get them back to the same size or even reduce the picture size.

Another interesting feature available with the Picture Viewer is the Slide Show. Unlike the normal slide show, one can view a number of different image formats in a single slide show. Additionally, one can also customize the settings such as duration of slide show, the transition time and the type of transition. This feature makes this software and viewing pictures using this software more interesting. And finally this software is of a small size and hence it takes very little time downloading and doesn’t occupy much disk space too. And since the software uses little to moderate system resources, the device isn’t slowed down when using this application.

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The Picture Viewer is free and comes with a number of great features that makes viewing pictures with this software fun.

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