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Website to Provide Free LSAT Practice Test

Website to Provide Free LSAT Practice Test

USA – For all those who dream of going into an international law school, LSAT is a basic requirement. And the last part of the preparation is practice; attempting a number of mock tests can be great to understand one’s preparedness for the test, know the areas that require more last minute preparation and the best way to go about answering the real test. And for this, the website is now providing the LSAT Practice Test, free of charge.

This is how this application works: users just have to go to the website and download the application. Once it is installed, one can immediately start using it. It is a standalone app and doesn’t require any additional software for it to work. Since, the complete application is available for download; there will be no problems with trial versions and upgrades. There are two subjects available, just like in the real test: Analytical and Logical Reasoning. There are 42 questions under the two subjects and to answer which 42 minutes are provided. Hence, users have a minute to answer a question.

Once the test is started, the available time is provided as countdown (60 seconds for each question). Four options are provided under each question from which a single right answer is to be selected through “mark as answer”. In case the user is unsure about the answer, he/she can just skip the question. Once the test is completed, the user’s score is displayed in a separate window. The test summary is provided here: the number of answers marked right (score), the number of answers left unanswered, the answer marked for each question by the user and the right answer. Hence, using the LSAT Practice Test the user will be able to understand his strengths and weakness and the areas which require more preparation.

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This application is useful and easy to download and use.

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