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WeCutFoam LLC Announcing Fabrication of Elytron’s Innovative VTOL Aircraft
Elytron VTOL Aircraft Prototype Fabricated by WeCutFoam

WeCutFoam LLC Announcing Fabrication of Elytron’s Innovative VTOL Aircraft


Foamlinx and WeCutFoam have fabricated a prototype two-seater modern VTOL aircraft for Elytron LLC. The aircraft is unique since it combines abilities of a helicopter with characters of an airplane all in one design. It can take-off and land vertically while being fast and efficient like a plane. The unique modern aircraft prototype was created by cutting and machining foam using CNC hot wire foam cutters as well as CNC routers. It was machined from high density polystyrene foam then covered with carbon fiber prepmeg. It is targeted for medical emergency service, air taxi and oil exploration. Elytron will begin flight testing in summer 2015 in Northern CA


Foamlinx started working on Elytron’s aircraft design in mid 2014. The fabrication company was given 3D CAD files which were analyzed locally and then fed to their CNC machines. To create some of the parts they used CNC hot wire foam cutters, while other parts were machined using CNC routers. Some parts were machined on a router as large as 16ft x 8ft x 4ft in size so that the parts could be made in one piece instead of in sections. The machines used had a high tolerance of up to 1/16”, since the parts had to be very precise in order to fit together in the final assembly.


Foamlinx and WeCutFoam created 52 different parts for the fuselage and the wings using high-density EPS foam (Expended Polystyrene). The whole cutting and machining process lasted about a year, and was done in increments, starting in the Spring of 2014, ending in late February 2015. Once each batch of foam cores was done, Elytron laminated them with carbon fiber prepreg material and glued the core pieces together. The end result is a unique and modern two-seater aircraft prototype.


Tal, owner of Foamlinx and WeCutFoam stated that he was honored to be a part of such a unique one-of-a kind tech project. “This was definitely a challenge to us as we needed to be very precise with cutting those shapes or else they would not fit together, but it is for sure one of our most interesting and exciting projects which created a whole buzz here at our shop”. Elytron’s unique VTOL prototype is a modern design combining capabilities of both a helicopter and an airplane. The aircraft is capable of taking off and land vertically like a helicopter while still having the speed and efficiency capabilities of an airplane. The aircraft is distinguished by its simplicity yet futuristic design with optimized wing configuration. It has three sets of wings – 1 pair of tilt wings and 2 pairs of fixed wings, providing the aircraft with an excellent glide ratio and a low stall speed, allowing for short take off and landing as well as vertical flight.


While there are other VTOL aircraft under development, Elytron’s aircraft is designed for fuel efficiency, low weight, greater safety, greater speed and simplicity of operation, targeting civilian use including medical emergency service, air taxi and oil exploration. Elytron will begin flight testing this summer in Northern CA.


About the Company:

Foamlinx LLC and WeCutFoam have over 15 years experience in customized cutting and machining almost any type of foam. The company uses its own designed and manufactured CNC machinery, including hot wire cutters, routers and laser cutters, to create any foam project. With engineers and artist on board, WeCutFoam creates props, dimensional signs, letters, logo, museums and trade shows exhibits, theater and movie sets, architectural shapes, hobby models, sculptures, monuments, events decoration, prototypes, molds, fuselage and wings. They also provide 3D scanning, sanding, coating, carving and painting. Projects can range from few inches and up to full scale and more, including live size airplanes, boats, UAVs, trucks, cars and more.

Follow on Twitter @We_Cut_Foam On Facebook @wecutfoam and on Instagram@foamlinx. For information and quotes email us at or call (408) 454-6163



About WeCutFoam

Electric and computer engineer with over 15 years experience with hardware, software and motion control. Owner of WeCutFoam providing foam cutting, machining and prototyping services and creating props, logo, letters, exhibits, sculptures, prototypes and more.

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