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Weigh India is a specialized manufacturer of industrial weight measurement instruments

Weigh India is a specialized manufacturer of industrial weight measurement instruments

India; 11, December 2015: There is a great demand for various types of weight measuring instruments in different industrial sectors. Using these measurement tools, accurate result of any chemical solution or ascertaining the exact weight of any substance can be easily verified. There are many firms that are offering such measurement tools and Weight India is one among them. It mainly offers the most comprehensive range of precision weight and mass standards. In brief, it is a leading manufacturer of laboratory weights, medium accuracy weight and carat weights. These are fabricated using quality tested authentic stainless steels, aluminium, brass and others. Its product range is also fabricated in accordance to OIML, R 111- 1 Edition 2004 (E) which specifies weights of class M3, M2, M1, F2, F1, E2 and E1.

The firm has the required expertise in manufacturing JW-OIML-WI for precision weights of E1 class that have widespread demand in pharma and chemical industries. These are either supplied in individual or set of weights packed in polished wooden box lined with velvet cloth along with gloves and forceps. Customers should not handle these weights in naked hands for that may affect the outcome of exact result. It also provides the most advanced calibration services in the country for obtaining the exact results for calibration weights as per the guidelines of OIML R-111. It is also known for offering world class combination of precision, accuracy and value for its precision weights.

The correct application for test weights should be more accurate than the precision of the weighing device and should be more accurate than the required precision of any measurement outcome. For this customers can see its tolerance tables. The firm always recommends stainless steel weights for various applications as its grammage value remains constant and it does not corrode over time under proper care and maintenance. It also manufactures various special application weights that can be stacked or weights with hook. And slot for the purpose of obtaining the overall weight. The company manufactures and exports FS-WI carat weights that meet the quality parameters and diverse requirements of the clients.

Its unit is equipped with modern machinery and sophisticated laboratory as per the guidelines of National Physical laboratory of New Delhi. The quality control department of the company checks the dimensions and quality of each weight and sends only the approved weights to the correction room for the adjustment of masses. The firm’s client base includes various countries of Africa, Europe and many more.

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Weigh India which was established in the year of 1984 is a specialized manufacturer of comprehensive range of precision weights and mass standards. It also offers various services and to know more viewers can log on to its site.

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