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UK – Most negotiators and independently operating property agents in the UK work towards the benefit of investors looking for highly profitable deals. However,, a recently founded fast property sale firm, took a completely different approach to their customer’s home sale transactions. The owners of We Pay The Most have claimed that they have adopted a pro-seller approach and they are offering the best price for all types of properties in the UK, and can achieve top prices. In some instances, they claim to be able to achieve 100 per cent of the current market value for their clients in as little as 28 days.

If their claims are to be believed, the property brokerage firm in the UK are now assuring the best price to homeowners for all property sales. They have emphatically added that they have access to a vast pool of top cash buying investors. Of course, the representatives of the brokerage firm network among different buyer groups. But it is a stated objective of that they always give priority to the most genuine real property buyers.

The quick property buying brokerage company operates from Manchester but it has affiliation and strategic partnership with other brokerage firms, investor groups, and top investors across the United Kingdom. If their plans are successful they are also looking to branch out further afield into other countries. Some of the investors linked with the firm usually do not search for properties openly, but use their connections to get property market news. There are media barons, top executives, billionaires and top industrialists who comprise of the investor database of

“Our key value proposition is not the best price guarantee. In fact, our website address and our company name are bit of a misnomer. It is true that we are offering the best price for all types of properties in the current UK property landscape. However, I personally believe that the additional services that we offer make property selling a more lucrative option for the prospective sellers. We offer free and non-obligation property valuation services online. This makes it easier for the property sellers to do a brief estimation of their property price in the current market. Besides, we offer multiple options to sellers so that they can sell their homes faster. Sellers can also meet investors privately and sell the properties”, said the owner of the firm, Tyler James during a recent interview with a local newspaper.

About the Company is a time-tested and reputable fast home sale firm in the UK that has recently launched a seller-focused quick cash sale service, investor match-up and estate agency.

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