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Western Men Saying No To Marriage And Dating

Western Men Saying No To Marriage And Dating

12, September 2015: With the rising number of divorce settlements in favor of women over men, many western men are rethinking the concept of marriage and dating women. One growing community is called MGTOW or “Men Going Their Own Way” and they have simply said no to pursuing female relations all together. This trend in the West comes as no surprise to those in Japan as over half the population of young Japanese men have no desire to get married at all. Men in the west are turning to sites like www.LoneJourney.orgto find women who also have no desire for long-term relationships and their companionship can simply be paid for.


Others have turned to Japan where every form of relations with women, from cuddling to having a drink with a female, can be paid for as a service. Many men are considering dating/marriage through a cost/benefit perspective where men are finding that they have the most to loose if a break up should happen, while women are able to walk away with both half the savings of the male and custody of the children. The dynamic is up for debate and one that is certainly the true definition of “battle of the sexes.”


Lone Journey is an international organization & network that holds MGTOW retreats in Baja, California bringing together like-minded men.

For Media Contact:
Sean Reddon
Lone Journey
Baja, California

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