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What are human hair extensions and how do they work?

What are human hair extensions and how do they work?

What could be more convenient than wearing an extension when you want to change your haircut? There would be no need to go to hair salon and get a haircut or hairdo with acidic hair products. No need to spend huge sums on hairstylist’s fee to get a hairdo, when you can do it yourself and at your home.

Look for real extensions on www.vithi.com. See how fashion conscious women like you change their haircuts with extensions and try imitating your role model. What would surprise you most is seeing celebrities changing their hairstyles with hair extensions. Wearing a hair extension is a hassle free job and an extension can change your haircut completely. There are plenty of human hair extension wholesale available on online stores.

Straight haircuts look more beautiful than short hairstyles. Every woman dreams of long flowing locks down the spine and every woman tries her level best to keep her tresses growing. But it is quite difficult to maintain and manage long locks. Hair is quite sensitive towards pressure and pollution. Also it takes women many days to grow their locks long.

If you see a woman in long haircut and you see smile on her face as if she isn’t worried about care of her tresses then understand that she’s wearing an extension. If the extension is real, you won’t be able to see any difference between her locks and extension strands. Real human hair extensions look real as they are made from real human locks.

If you want long, lively and beautiful locks that flow down your spine but you have locks extending up to your upper back only then you should find some straight hair extensions. See the products and make an opinion on the extensions only after seeing their videos. See how they are used and how they work. You would find that you could use the extension just like you use your own locks.


If needed, the extension can be combed, washed, dried and even colored and trimmed. It would last for a couple of months beyond which would start losing its strength. There is no need to keep using an extension for a long time when you can buy a new piece. Also you can keep changing your haircuts with the help of extensions. Choose a new haircut every time you dress for a party or outing.

Silky human hair extensions are the most expensive extensions available in market. They are expensive as they are made from virgin hair collected from real donors. They not only look natural but behave like real locks as well. You can easily clip an extension to your locks and in this way wear the extension that suits your face shape most.

There is no way other than wearing an extension in which you can change your haircut without compromising on your hair health. But there is no health risk in wearing a real extension made of real human hair.

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