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What are main functions of the Chinese white tea?

What are main functions of the Chinese white tea?

America – Maybe you should not know that the traditional Chinese white tea has very good medical value such as its unique and ethereal health effects for the uncomfortable feeling which caused by the excessive alcohol and tobacco. Today, the famous Buy Chinese tea Cafaytea International Limited will introduce with you those medical values of the white tea.

Better Treatment Effect for Measles

The white could help to against cancer, heatstroke, detoxification, Toothache and others. In particular, the aged white tea can be used as good medicine for children¡¯s antipyretics and its effect is better than antibiotics. Among the areas of Fujian, China, this tea is widely regarded as the best treatment medicine for those patients with measles.

Promote blood sugar balance

In addition natural nutrients of tea, white teas also contain active enzymes which are necessary for the body. Long term drinking for white tea can significantly improve the body lipase activity and then promote fat catabolism and effectively control insulin secretion, delaying the grape powder intestinal absorption, decompose the body blood sugar absorbing and then promote blood sugar balance.

Enhance Eyesight

The longer the storage time for white tea, the higher could be its medicinal value. As the introduction of famous Chinese Tea exporter online seller, white tea also contains varied of vitamins. After absorbing by people¡¯s body, those substances can be quickly converted into vitamin a which could synthesize rhodopsin, making the eyes see things more clearly in the dark light. On the other hand, this substance can also help to prevent night blindness and dry eye.

Protective role to liver

White tea is rich piece of DHM and other natural substances which may protect the live. Those substances could help to accelerate the decomposition into non-toxic substances and then reduce the damage to the liver cells.

In a word, the white tea is very good choice for people who want to protect their body function. For more information, please visit website

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