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What are mainly medical functions of aucubin?

What are mainly medical functions of aucubin?

Chengdu, China – The aucubin could play very effective protective role of liver injury caused by a variety of toxicants. Dated back to 1978, Chang I.M. and other people already discovered the seed extract of plantain has potential hepatoprotective activity. After five years¡¯ development, most of people confirm that the Ingenol played good role of antiviral and liver protection

It is indeed that aucubin has significant anti-inflammatory activity especially for the chronic allergic inflammation that has a significant effect. This substance could inhibit 12-O- tetradecanoyl phorbol acetate induced mouse ear edema and the inhibition rate could reach to 72 to 80%.

Ishiguro K. and other researcher reported that the aucubin display inhibit microbial activity when it is coexisting with ¦Â-glucosidase but this activity will disappear when it is alone. This feature describes with people that the aucubin aglycone has high antimicrobial activity.

Aucubin has very good performance for antioxidant, anti-aging and collagen synthesis promotion. Frankly speaking, this is one of the most effective natural anti-aging potential protective agents. Oxygen free radicals are toxic substances which will damage the body during the metabolic processes and it makes unsaturated fatty acids on the cell membrane become peroxidation and then achieve the role of destroy the biofilm structure and form the lipofuscin.

Aucubin could also better promote bone formation and inhibit osteoclast activity to against the effects of osteoporosis. For elder people who have this phenomenon, using the medicines that contain the same substance could help them better get rid of the suffering of osteoporosis.

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