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What concerns you most before you buy Self balancing scooter ?

What concerns you most before you buy Self balancing scooter ?

In twenty-first Century, the development of science and technology is very fast, now have many choices to travel to work. The Self Balancing Scooter is one of the more practical portable transport of. However, consumers must pay attention when purchase the balance car, do not buy a bad balance car. What you need to pay attention to before you buy Self balancing scooter ? Now the sale manager of Koowheel introduce for you.

1. Don’t try to choose a less known and inferior brand

The technical level of balance car on the body is relatively high, generally no name manufacturers do not have good production technology and solutions, the balance car might cut corners, so that users in the safety of some hidden dangers.

2. Parameters

The Balance wheel scooter has several important parameters.
First is the waterproof level, transport tool for outdoor use can easily meet surface water or rainy days, waterproof level is very important, because it will make you use in certain scenarios not;
Second is the endurance mileage, according to your travel distance to pick the product;
Third is the highest speed, different product speed is not the same. Speed may be more important for some people who want to save time.
The last is the charging time, some products when charging a longer time, to pay attention to when buying.

3. After sales, to understand clearly

This is also very important, to buy any one of the goods is to value after sales and warranty. To put aside the balance scooter‘s quality control does not say, after sales is very important, it directly affects your experience in the use of. Koowheel has set up maintenance centers in United States,with the support of free maintenance so very convenience for overseas customers.
Recently, they also developed a new product, that is E-skateboard, if interested,please visit

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