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What could a colour label printer do for your business?

What could a colour label printer do for your business?

Quality and cost – two competing issues between which every business needs to find the ideal trade off.  For businesses which are still using the help of outside printing contractors to source product labelling, however, bringing this aspect of the production operation in-house may provide a welcome surprise.  By taking control of your labels with a modern purpose designed colour label printer, it’s possible not only to cut costs but to improve production flexibility and enhance quality control too.

Fast inkjet colour label printers such as QuickLabel System’s Kiaro! at are widely seen as the industry bench mark for high speed commercial in-house label printing.  Developed specifically for manufacturers needing high quality, full colour product labelling at production line speed, the Kiaro! is capable of producing 7200 professional quality labels/hour at an attractive unit price.

This has a number of benefits for manufacturers:

Total control of cost and quality:  Because you print labels as you use them, you print only what you need.  Short production runs of labels for specific products can be easily accommodated, label stockpiling is eliminated, there’s even an ink-saving “economy mode” allowing savings of up to 18% on ink while retaining the professional quality 1200 DPI resolution.

Reduced waste:  The other benefit of on-demand label printing is that you never need to scrap stocks of obsolete labels.

Quick label printing:  Print speeds of two-eight inches/second means that label printing can synchronise with your production line saving time and manpower.

Professional quality:  The high resolution of the modern purpose designed digital process means that in-house printing rivals the best quality achievable by flexographic printing presses.  Not only that, you have the option to adjust the image digitally without needing to change the base artwork or the printing plates.

Maintenance comes as standard:  Choosing an industry leader such as QuickLabel means that you can rely on initial set up and staff training for a seamless transition to in-house label printing.  On-site maintenance is a key aspect of the after sales package, but QuickLabel also offers customers the additional peace of mind of an “emergency “QuickSwap” programme where on-site repair is impractical and an emergency replacement printer is needed.

In house label printing is, then, one of those rare occasions when cost and quality aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

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