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What Young People Need to Know About Age of Consent

What Young People Need to Know About Age of Consent

Lowell, MA, September 27, 2016 — Widely popular and highly recommended Criminal Defense Lawyer – Keren Goldenberg has recently published an infographic about What Young People Need To Know About Sex Laws. This infographic is jam-packed with highly necessary information regarding Sex Laws which is perfect for making young people understand legal consent regarding young age sex so that they are able to make sound decisions regarding young age sex.

In the world of today, rape and sex assault cases are on a rise – 1 in 5 women (20%) is sexually assaulted while in college, and over a third of women who are raped as minors are also raped as adults; so one important thing that the parents or the society could do to protect their children from being in a situation where they are sexually assaulted or raped – is to inform young people about the sex laws; that will not only help them in standing up for their rights, but also to think twice before the plan or do any sexual assault on a minor.

“It is extremely important for the parents to talk openly with their children about Sexual laws, in order to protect them from being sexually assaulted; and also about what rights do they hold, according to the law, so that they could stand up for justice (if in any case It is required). But this is not it, it is also important for parents to inform their young children that it is possible that if the committed any sexual act with another minor, they too can be convicted of statutory rape”, stated Keren Goldenberg, while talking about her recently published infographic.

She further added, “But usually it is very difficult for parents to talk to their children about such issues, and in majority cases – even parents themselves are not fully aware of the young sex laws. So, to make understanding sex laws – easier for both the parents and the children, I have created and published an infographic WHAT YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX LAWS, this will surely help”.

This infographic covers all major topics including the age of consent, what constitutes consent aiding and abetting, tips for protecting the teenagers, and other highly important and useful information and tips.

According to research, 42% of college women who are raped tell no one about the assault – hence it is highly important to help young people know about their rights so that they are able to stand up for themselves.

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