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Where to Fine Affordable Mobility Scooter and Other Medical Equipment

Where to Fine Affordable Mobility Scooter and Other Medical Equipment

Many people suffer from mobility problems either due to the onset of old age, an accident, illness or a disability. Mobility problems can make life very difficult for those afflicted by restricting their quality of life and limiting their independence. Goodwill Home Medical Equipment can provide you with answers to these issues. One such answer may be to consider a scooter.

When considering a scooter for yourself or a loved one, it is important to keep several things in mind; maneuverability, weight capacity, usage and transportability.Where do you plan to use the scooter? If you plan to use the scooter in a supermarket or home, you might need a mobility scooter with a tighter turning radius. Usually, a 3-wheeled scooter has the best turning radius, but make sure it fits your other needs as well. In addition, every scooter has a maximum weight capacity which is 250 lbs. If you exceed this weight, then you need to consider a more durable one that suits you.You also want to think about how you live day to day. Will you use your scooter in your home or outside more? If your plan is to use your scooter outside on rough terrain, you may want to consider a 4-wheeled scooter. In contrast, if your intentions are to be mainly indoors and you need to maneuver in tight spaces and in small doorways, then you definitely want to look at the option of a 3-wheeled scooter. Lastly, it is very important to consider the ease in which to transport your scooter. If you plan to travel with your scooter, you may want to consider one that can be easily dismantled or one that you can load and take with you without much hassle. Nowadays, scooters are manufactured in such a way that they dismantle into several smaller components and can fit in the trunk of a car easily.

Goodwill Home Medical is fortunate that we have a variety of electric wheelchairs for sale and scooters available for your consideration and to accommodate your specific needs. The wide selection of mobility scooters at Goodwill Home Medical Equipment simply cannot be beat nor can their prices. If you already own a scooter and it requires maintenance or a new battery, please call us at (609) 337-5506 and a technician will assist you.For any additional information about scooters or other home medical equipment needs, please visit our website at www.goodwillhomemedical.org.

Once your equipment is no longer needed, please visit www.goodwillnj.org to find the donation center nearest to you or call us at (609) 337-5506 to request a pick up.

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