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Which stuffs you need to clean your mouse pad?

Which stuffs you need to clean your mouse pad?

China – Mouse pad is very common computer accessories for these computer users. After such long period time of using, getting related dirties should be very commonly situation for these mouse pads. As it is scheduled used computer accessory which will be touch by these users during daily life, the unclean condition for mouse pad will do such influence with the users¡¯ health. This should be the most terrible situation that people see a lot of bacteria on the above of the mouse pad by using microscope! In that case, the basically cleaning for these items is very necessary. Now, the following cleaning suggestion that provided by famous mouse pad online supplier will let people know which thing they need to clean their mouse pad.


Most of these cloth mouse pad all have very smooth and delicate surfaces. The cleaning steps for these cloth mouse pads could be concluded into following. First, people should soak the clothe mouse pad into cold water for a while and then apply some detergent to gently rub it. During the process of rubbing, please do not always rub the same place. On the contrary, please rub every place. After this step, please use fresh water to clean it and then dry on it. Please note that the rubbing force should be better controlled or it will let the mouse pad become wrinkling up.

Warm water

First, please prepare warm water which temperature is about 30 centigrade and then soak the mouse pad for about 20 minutes. If people see the color changing of the water, they could wash the surface of the Blank mouse pad slowly by hand. Finally, please rinse the pad with cold water and put it on a cool and well ventilated place for drying.

Towel Rubbing

If it is the mouse pad which has been made of metal, people could not be able to clean them by water. Alternatively, people should look for two clean small towels and then use one towel to dip a little bit of water and then rub mouse pad by the reasonable direction. After the first step, please use another dry towel to rub the mouse pad into completely drying situation.

Soap bar

If it is the cloth mouse pad, users could also prepare a small amount of soapy water. After soaking the mouse pad for a while, they will find that the water become mixed up. When the step of soaking is over, people could only use clean water to rinse it and then drying it at ventilated place.

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