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Why Most Industries Prefer FuelBox To 20-Litre Jerry Cans Of Red Diesel

Why Most Industries Prefer FuelBox To 20-Litre Jerry Cans Of Red Diesel

Harlow, United Kingdom; 30, January 2016: FuelBox is a leading gas oil product developed for industry. It removes the need to keep 20-litre jerry cans of red diesel on-site for emergency use.


The Problem

For decades, various industries such as agriculture and construction kept red diesel on-site. They stored it in large drums to use for off-road vehicles such as tractors and plant machinery. The issue with that approach is that they often had too much red diesel left over.

As a result, this increased the risk of theft. Construction sites, in particular, had the task of moving lots of diesel to new sites. This has meant a lot of extra time and money wasted for transporting those drums of red diesel.

So, what does one do with excess red diesel? They have to use it, of course. Another issue with storing large drums of diesel is that they’re prone to contamination. They also get affected by water ingress, especially if left out in the open.

One way around the problem for many industries was to amass a collection of 20-litre jerry cans. Workers would often fill them up at their local red diesel filling stations. Yes, this meant there weren’t plenty of unused 20-litre drums lying around. But, it also meant regular trips to local filling stations.

As one can imagine, a lot of time gets wasted filling up individual 20-litre jerry cans with red diesel.

The Solution

Industries always look for ways to save time and money while increasing efficiency. Filling up jerry cans with fuel is a time-consuming process and lowers productivity.

These days, more red diesel consumers prefer to use FuelBox. It’s an innovative product that saves industry time and money!

What is FuelBox?

In a nutshell, FuelBox is 20 litres of gas oil in a UN-approved “bag in a box” system. It’s the perfect fuel product for all off-road diesel vehicles and equipment. From tractors and plant machinery to generators and diesel cement mixers. FuelBox is the preferred choice for any diesel engine, old or new!

FuelBox offers improved performance over conventional red and white diesel fuel. It boasts minimum typical Cetane ratings of 53. The specially-formulated Gas Oil 10 additive offers a plethora of benefits:

* Reduced deposit and varnish build-up;
* Improved fuel consumption;
* Less smoke (emissions);
* Advanced anti-sludge build-up formula.

What’s more, FuelBox also got designed with the environment in mind. The outer cardboard packaging is recyclable, reducing landfill waste.

About FuelBox:

An innovative gas oil product for industry. FuelBox is the leading alternative to conventional red diesel. It saves industry time and money and is better for the environment too. FuelBox works with all off-road diesel engines. That means both older engines and newer ones that conform to EN590 work fine with the product.

FuelBox can get bought in varying quantities, such as one pallet through to a quarter pallet of 24 boxes.

For more information, contact:
First Floor, Essex House
4 Astra Centre
West Road, Off Edinburgh Way
Harlow, Essex, CM20 2BN
Tel: 0333 222 3643

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