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Why you need to choose the aluminum profile windows and doors?

Why you need to choose the aluminum profile windows and doors?

China – As the better features and performance of these China aluminum extrusion , the related aluminum windows and doors have more widely application areas than the traditional wood or metal windows and doors. Now, this article will tell you these mainly advantages of the modern style aluminum windows and doors.

Compared with the characteristics of metal and wood windows and doors, the aluminum windows and doors have the following advantages

First, as the low density of aluminum, the related aluminum extrusion profiles made windows and doors own the advantages of light weight and high strength. Actually, theThe density of the aluminum is only one third of that of steel.

Second, the aluminum windows and doors have good airtight performance. As we all know, the airtight performance of windows and doors could directly affect the interior heat consumption and the functional of these products. There are four aspects of this single airtight performance, including air sealing performance, watertight, thermal insulation, sound insulation and so on. By viewing these factors, the airtight performance of the aluminum windows is better than that of the wood and metal windows.

Thirdly, the aluminum windows have good durability and easily application and maintenance. As the good chemical performance of the aluminum metal, the Aluminum extrusions also have very good performance for anti-rusty, anti-fade and almost without any type of maintenance. On the other hand, the spare parts of these products also have extremely long service life.

Fourthly, we could not ignore the appearance of our interior decorative objects especially for windows and doors in aluminum. Frankly speaking, the aluminum extrusion profile made windows has very high elegant decorative effect. The surface of aluminum windows and doors has artificial surface oxide film that form a composite film which not only have very good features of anti-corrosion and anti-wear, but also has high gloss. That makes the aluminum windows and doors gain more modern simple style.

On the other hand, because of light weight of aluminum doors and windows and high end processing and assembly, the installation for them is very flexible and convenient.

In summary, the aluminum windows and doors are very good choice for modern room interior decoration as its good performances. For more information, please do not hesitate to visit website

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