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Witkin-Jacobsen to hold Annual Global Charity Day

Witkin-Jacobsen to hold Annual Global Charity Day

Hong Hong; 06, January 2016:Witkin Jacobsen announces that it will hold its annual global Charity Day. On this day, 100% of Witkin Jacobsen’s revenues and commissions generated globally will be donated to more than 20 charities worldwide.

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Since the first Charity Day, Witkin Jacobsen has raised more than $1million for the benefit of approximately 40 well-deserving charities worldwide. Last year’s donation of was equivalent to approximately 5% of Witkin Jacobsen’s full year pre-tax profit. This year 16 charities in will benefit and are listed below.

As part of the day’s activities, Witkin Jacobsen invites the charities’ celebrity patrons to join the Company throughout Asia Pacific Region to speak toWitkin Jacobsen’s customers and help boost trading volumes for the day. The full list of celebrities attending will be announced on the day the program ends. Witkin Jacobsen and all its team is thanking in advance for another great effort in showing that caring for the communities is as important as caring for investing.

Chao F. Horng, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Witkin Jacobsen, said: “Since our very modest beginnings, Charity Day has grown into a truly extraordinary global event. The charities we have supported have made a difference to hundreds of thousands of lives. Against the backdrop of a difficult economic environment, we recognize the challenges faced by charities in raising funds and we are extremely grateful to our customers, suppliers and employees for their efforts. On this, Witkin Jacobsen’s Charity Day, together we will all give 100%.”

About Witkin Jacobsen:

Witkin-Jacobsen.com is a full service commodities brokerage that is dedicated to serving investors and hedgers of all varieties. Investors of all types, both seasoned and beginning, can benefit from the commodities markets with both hedging and speculative accounts. The markets offer a chance for great excitement and financial diversification when used properly and within one’s means. Witkin Jacobsen is helping traders (speculators and hedgers) and investors trade commodities, futures and options on the agricultures, metals, energies, currencies, softs, interest rates and stock index contracts. Witkin Jacobsen clients also have access to research reports and analysis, which include fundamental analysis, options analysis, seasonal analysis, charting and technical analysis.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Witkin Jacobsen
Company: Witkin-Jacobsen.com
Address: Man Yee Building, 68 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 / N/A
Email: media@witkin-jacobsen.com

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