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Witkin-Jacobsen Urges: Support Typhoon Relief Efforts Using the Philanthropic Account

Witkin-Jacobsen Urges: Support Typhoon Relief Efforts Using the Philanthropic Account

Hong Hong; 03, January 2016: Typhoons, yet again, made landfall over the southern provinces in the eastern Philippines. It crossed the Northern Capital Region area the following morning, impacting the Metro Manila area with strong winds and heavy rain, causing power outages and interrupting telecommunication lines.

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The Typhoon killed some 40 people, destroyed more than 10,000 houses and damaged 40,000 others. Half a million people were displaced and more than more than 7,000 people were housed in 108 evacuation centers.

The Typhoon made landfall as a Super Typhoon on China’s Hainan Island, the strongest typhoon to hit south China since 1973. The death toll stood at 46, and 3,000 houses were destroyed.

In Viet Nam, extreme weather caused by Typhoon killed 17 people, with the storm unleashing flash floods, landslides and lightning strikes. Heavy rain flooded 7,200 houses and 4,200 hectares of cropland, with the north of the country worst hit.

In Thailand, the typhoon caused torrential rainfall in the northeast, with Yasothon province the most-affected. Water levels along several canals increased drastically, overflowing the banks and inundating 500 farms of rice fields.

Witkin Jacobsen Charitable has confirmed the organizations that are supporting typhoon relief efforts.

To contribute to relief efforts using your Witkin JacobsenCharitable account, please select Witkin Jacobsen typhoon relief efforts account under our charity purpose and notification.

Witkin Jacobsen will match the clients’ donations one to one and will be involved in all the relief aid programs in these regions.

About Witkin Jacobsen:

Witkin-Jacobsen.com is a full service commodities brokerage that is dedicated to serving investors and hedgers of all varieties. Investors of all types, both seasoned and beginning, can benefit from the commodities markets with both hedging and speculative accounts. The markets offer a chance for great excitement and financial diversification when used properly and within one’s means. Witkin Jacobsen is helping traders (speculators and hedgers) and investors trade commodities, futures and options on the agricultures, metals, energies, currencies, softs, interest rates and stock index contracts. Witkin Jacobsen clients also have access to research reports and analysis, which include fundamental analysis, options analysis, seasonal analysis, charting and technical analysis.

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