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Women in Livingness: the global community changing the face of women’s health

Women in Livingness: the global community changing the face of women’s health

Melbourne, Australia – On Sunday 8th of February Natalie Benhayon presented the first ever Women in Livingness Workshop to a packed room of 170 women in Melbourne.

Unmissable was the distinct sense that something special was happening; history was taking place.

Women who had flown in from as far as Queensland, came together to discuss what it means to be a woman in 2015. Others walked in off the street. For one woman, so strong was the sense that she had to come, that despite not being able to understand a word of English, she happily registered and enjoyed the atmosphere of the day.

What she was feeling is in fact the foundation of Esoteric Women’s Health, which at its essence is not so much a traditional company as it is a global community of women coming together from all walks of life to make true change for women and women’s health.

Speaking to her before she went on stage, the 25 year old Founding Director of Esoteric Women’s Health said that this was a kind of beginning, the official launch of a community that had already been growing for some time.

But how does a company become a community?

“We are a company to have the structure there so we can make money to put back into projects that support women’s health. But neither myself or the other Directors Sara Williams and Serryn O’Regan take any income from the company. It exists to support women and it is a global community of women that make the company what it is.”

On a day like today there are some women who will become because they saw a flyer but mostly the women who have come are bringing their friends and family members.

“And that’s the kind of woman-to-woman community that we need to have,” says Natalie, “because when you start to workshop the kinds of things that get in the way of you truly living the woman that you truly are, you know you will be held in an intimate environment, because you are already here based on an intimate connection with another.”

“This sets the tone and the feel not only of the workshop but what we will be as a community and in essence it is what we already have.”

After the presentation one participant said that the moment she walked in the room her “life was changed” simply because she “had never been in a room with so many women that are so open and kind.”

The day was one to be remembered. Women coming together to get honest and reflect on how life is and can be when we make life about an unfolding relationship with ourselves rather than the attainment of a perfection or the striving for a goal or ideal.

Women in Livingness Workshops will be held in both Sydney and Brisbane in July and a second workshop is scheduled for Melbourne in August. See the Esoteric Women’s Health Website for more info.

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