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Word Branch Publishing Releases Second Terrie McClay Novel

Word Branch Publishing Releases Second Terrie McClay Novel

Readers Declare Wind in the Grasses Dancing”Mesmerizing,” “Exciting,” “A Jewel”.

Marble, NC, May 31, 2015 — The year is 1874, and gold has been discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota. General George Custer leads an expedition into Lakota territory with the intention of clearing out, at any cost, the remaining Native Americans to open the territory for gold claims. In the relentless pursuit for wealth, power and land, inhuman acts upon the Lakota people were justified as eminent domain and Westward expansion.

But amidst the chaos and bloodshed, a romance blooms bringing two cultures together. Amber, the daughter of a rancher, and a Lakota warrior, Dancing Wind, defy race, tradition and even law for their love and lives.

Terrie McClay’s historical fiction marries the best of two worlds: history and romance. Her meticulous research into the history of the era is anything but dry—she brings the world to life through the vibrant and three-dimensional characters.

“If you are looking for the false stereotype of the West and American Indians, you won’t find it in Terrie’s novels,” says publisher Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh. “Her details and historical facts enhance the portrayal of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse’s resistance through the eyes of her main characters.”

This is no textbook though; it is a love story at its core and the action and suspense create a very readable book to meet everyone’s taste.

Wind in the Grasses Dancing is the first in McClay’s Dancing the Dream series. The second in the series, Whispers from the South, will be released through Word Branch Publishing in early 2016. All of Word Branch’s books can be found at the WBP Virtual Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as bookstores around the globe.

Word Branch is an independent publishing company located in North Carolina, USA. WBP represents talented new and emerging authors who need a venue to make their voices heard. The Word Branch online book shop holds a world of imagination, facts, stories and entertainment. Written by some of the finest rising stars in the book world, Word Branch Publishing offers a diverse selection of drama, science fiction, personal growth, young adult, indigenous titles and more.

Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh
Word Branch Publishing
PO Box 41
Marble, NC 28905
828 837 6135

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