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The power of social networking is limitless and the rate at which it is growing as a smart business marketing tool is unfathomable. It is today, a source to gain exposure from the masses but, it is soon going to be a force that is unstoppable. Gauging this potential offers members an exclusive platform that is designed to harness the potential of social media networking sites as a successful marketing tool.

It is going to be an integrated social media website, and it is capable of allowing the members to not only do social networking. I work on a project that has the potential to not rival some company but even better it.

It’s just like Facebook, but with the capabilities of Amazon, Twitter, Youtube, Elance, Human ressource, cloud technology, all rolled into one massive one-stop social networking plateform!

It brings to the busy business man or woman, a platform to learn, earn and grow.

Termed as social environment, the website will provide the launch pad to many businesses that are in the search of focus and direction. Meant for big dreams with small budgets, the site will open doors to collaborate achieve collective objectives and grow as a business.

The main goal of the website will be to help individuals as well as small businesses get the ammunition they need to be noticed. With features that facilitate easy networking and sharing of business ideas, tips and techniques, companies can use this as their base to evolve as a business in addition to building their customer base.

About is a new thought in a new direction taking strength from the growing potential of social networking as a solid business tool. The website will help

– Promote and sell your interests like books, music, sports etc.
– Get freelancing jobs done or, provide freelancing services
– Create your own radio or, TV channel and monetize your audience
– Run an ecommerce store, create an online shop and sell your products

And it comes with many other features like the ability to run multi-user conferences, cloud storage facility, an email inbox ,survey, competition,etc…., and also provide the direction needed in monetizing the exposure gained. (more than 70 % of the website was developed)

An aspiring crowd funding initiative, this project is likely to soon hit its $14,000 goal. An exceptional solution to bridging an apparent gap in the market, is where activity starts. To know more about this project or learn more about how to donate, please click on the link:


Media Contact
Contact Name: Desir Charly
Company Name: WOZAA
Address: Bat 01, 01 Rue Vivaldi, 45700 Villemandeur, France

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