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X-Ray Positioning Device Market: In-depth market segmentation by 2026

X-Ray Positioning Device Market: In-depth market segmentation by 2026

X-Radiation (shortened to just X-Ray) is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, ranging from 0.01 to 10 nm and corresponding to frequencies between 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz. They are vital in the field of medical imaging since Wilhelm Rontgen’s discovery that they can be used to identify bone structure. They can be used to detect fractures, arthritis, blocked blood vessels, bone cancer, breast tumours, digestive problems, osteoporosis, tooth decay and various kinds of infections. There might be several instances where a radiologist is unable to perform an X-Ray without some sort of assistance. It could be if their patient has a knee injury or even if they have to immobilize a child so that it remains still. That is the sole purpose of the X-Ray positioning devices market. It includes various types of wedge, block and bolster sponge models which are usually made of foam or a special type of coated vinyl. These devices enable the patients to be comfortable and at ease while enabling the radiologist to take the X-ray quickly and efficiently.

X-Ray Positioning Devices marketDrivers

X-Rays can be used to detect not only bone fractures but also various forms of cancers, tumours, digestive issues and infections. High frequency of lung cancer around the world due to smoking and/or Air pollution is expected to spur the demand for the X-Ray positioning devices market. New advancements in X-Ray technology also enable early detection of breast cancer, tumours or other infections. This encourages people to undergo an X-Ray to be able to start the treatment early (if required), thereby boosting the X-Ray positioning devices market as well.

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X-Ray Positioning Devices marketRestraints

As with all aspects of science, even the field of medicine is rapidly evolving. Point of care diagnostics to determine what is afflicting a patient has improved tremendously and provides far more insight to a doctor today with the help of modern day technology. This has made the need to undergo an X-Ray limited to only severe cases like head trauma (for an MRI or CT scan) or any other kind of serious issue. This also restrains the growth of the X-Ray positioning devices market. Some positioning devices like sandbags may contain ferromagnetic shavings or iron pellets which can damage MRI scanners or even injure the radiologist or patients in the worst case scenario. There are several studies which show that X-Ray equipment is all too often overused by medical centres. Insurance agencies have begun to refuse reimbursement in several cases which reduces the motivation for these clinics to invest in expensive X-Ray technology. This also reduces the chance of them requiring equipment sold in the X-Ray positioning devices market.

X-Ray Positioning Devices marketKey Regions

North America is the largest X-Ray market at present and is thereby also the largest X-Ray positioning devices market. The demand in this region is from both hospitals as well as private clinics. In addition to this, the introduction of handheld X-ray devices has also spurred the demand for X-ray positioning devices. The patients requiring an X-Ray in this part of the world are usually (but not always) of an older age group due to the population structure. In Asia and Africa, there is a larger proportion of people below the age of 30 i.e. a younger demographic. Children in countries like China, India, Thailand or even African nations like Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa might frequently injure themselves while playing or even fracture a limb unfortunately. So manufactures would do well to market their products targeted at youth in the Asia Pacific or African X-Ray positioning devices market.

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X-Ray Positioning Devices marketKey Market Players 

Some manufacturers involved in the X-Ray positioning devices market are Z & Z medical, Cone instruments, Merry X-Ray, Universal Medical Inc, and Clear Image Devices.

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