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Yantai Brings Best Quality Rubber Fenders and Bollards for the Growth of Vessel Industry

Yantai Brings Best Quality Rubber Fenders and Bollards for the Growth of Vessel Industry

Yantai, Shandong, China; 25, September 2015: Yantai Defender Maritime Company supplies specialized products that are remarkable for ship protection, dock protection and offshore protection. The company’s rubber fenders and bollards are the cost-effective and reliable way of berthing and mooring, and which can help in the growth of the shipping and vessel industry.

According to the company spokesperson, they specialize in the marine fender that is prepared from high quality rubber and other materials and which features the latest technology. He reveals that each product is durable and carries years of guarantee against the manufacturing defect. The fenders are available in standard sizes, but they can deliver custom-made product as per the specific requirement of the client. With an integrated design, best raw materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, they deliver excellent quality rubber fenders to meet the client requirements across the world.

The company has now introduced the new cylindrical rubber fender range that is easy to install and offers the much-needed protection to the upper walls of both small and large vessels. The cylindrical fender features reasonable energy consumption, low reaction and low hull pressure to be installed in bulk cargo berths, ferry terminals, fishing berths, and others types of floating structures. The fenders are available in various specifications with an excellent performance tolerance, and suitable for a variety of applications.

The spokesperson reveals that their newly released arch rubber fender is tough and durable. The rugged arch benders can be used during the most severe conditions to ensure the much-needed protection. Available in a simple structure, the benders offer an incredibly long service time and are available in a large range of designs. The fender can be fitted in the frontal panels and has various applications in cargo berths, workboat harbors and other boats and vessels.

Yantai Defender has products available in standard sizes and in various designs. However, they can quickly customize the products as per client specifications. One can check the products, their specifications and other details on their website

About Yantai Defender Maritime Co, Ltd:

Yantai Defender Maritime is an experienced company specializes in supplying highly cost-effective rubber fenders and bollards for berthing and mooring. The company has various standard rubber fenders available in their stock, but customized products can also be provided, as per client requirements. All products are produced with the best raw materials, the engineered design and are produced strictly in accordance with PIANC guidelines.

For Media Contact:
Company: Yantai Defender Maritime Co, Ltd
Telephone: 0086-05358136857

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