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YDS Introduces New On Line Chess Trainer For Youths

YDS Introduces New On Line Chess Trainer For Youths

Chicago, Illinois – Youth Development Systems, Inc., (YDS) a leading name in online education for children from grades 3 through 12, is excited to announce a new program for Chess training.

This online Chess training program for schools, local organizations, and after-school programs has been designed with the beliefs that Chess is an excellent strategy for youth to improve their critical thinking and concentration skills. Through this training, students can significantly increase the focus and organizational skills they need for academic improvement.

YDS is currently accepting donations to further assist this new and innovative youth Chess training program. As this project is currently in development, YDS is looking to produce content such as short Chess instruction videos and puzzles for the application.


Youth Development Systems Inc (YDS) is a well-established organization dedicated to enabling students to learn strategy, critical thinking, focus, patience, responsibility, and sportsmanship. It is YDS’s beliefs that with these special types of training, youths will better improve their skills and therefore be prepared for jobs in the future with science, technology, engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

This application will be compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows platforms including computers, tables, and smart phones. This is an easy-to-use online Chess Trainer with animation and video gaming features to keep students engaged and interested in the learning process. This new app also contains options that allow students with learning disabilities to learn at their own pace.

YDS is asking for donations to support this new and creative learning application. With a $10,000 goal, YDS will be able to develop more Chess training videos and puzzles for schools to use. Any donations are appreciated and will further assist in distributing this new training process to more youths.

To learn more about YDS and this innovative new program or make a donation to assist YDS in creating videos and puzzles for this application, please visit

Ralph Jones, Chief Executive Officer
Youth Development Systems Inc. (YDS)
1-800-906-9759 Ext 1

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