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Young, New Hippie Rapper, Lyrical Sweetness Aficionado Launches Her Lil Red Brand!

Young, New Hippie Rapper, Lyrical Sweetness Aficionado Launches Her Lil Red Brand!

26, April 2016: Emerging new age, story-telling musical artiste Lil Red, who loves spreading messages that are real and relatable to all young people dealing with the struggles of today’s society through her music, has announced the launch of her new website, brand, and very first single.

Lil Red, a South African recording artist with a uniquely fresh new age sound, said ‘Lil Red’ is more than her name, “it is my brand.”

“Listening to my new single will tell you I am a story teller at heart and I love spinning yarns through my music,” said Lil Red, who likes the style called Hippy Rap as she both Raps and sings.

The launch of her new website, brand, and single is the vehicles through which I will be reminding young people to love and appreciate themselves,” noted Lil Red, who is focusing his efforts on a target audience ranging in ages 12-20. His goal is to help this young audience be motivated enough to download his new single, as well as, follow the Lil Red journey of music.

Don’t know who Lil Red is? According to her publicist, Britt Rubin, who is affectionately known as Lil Red, is an entertainer from Johannesburg known for her electrifying personality and infamous red mane, and firmly believes that “music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

Developing a passion for singing at the tender age of 3, Lil Red is considered a triple threat because of her many talents (music, dance, rap). At the age of 17, Lil Red launched her music career with her first chart topping single “Million Miles” produced by super producer Emblazon.

Trained in the Latin, Adage and Hip-Hop genres, Lil Red has also launched a successful career as a professional dancer. She has shared the stage with some of entertainment’s biggest.

Through her work as a dancer, she was able to forge a multitude of professional relationships that allowed her to work with the hit producers and record several tracks including her up and coming sophomore single release, “Bon Voyage”.

Since then, she has, also, been working with 5x Grammy winning producer Devine Evans on her Album “Big Bad Wolf”, as well as being featured in Devine’s new book and album titled Sheet Music: The Diary of a Songwriter. In 2016, Lil Red performed at this Pre-Grammy event in Hollywood hosted by Vanessa Simmons, Kristinia DeBarge and Dania Ramirez. With a lyrical and music style that can only be described as hippie rap and creatively embodying the quote “for that one moment while the music plays, you know who you are and everything you wish to be”, Lil Red prides herself on relaying her message to her fan base without the use of vulgar lyrics or profanity.

Lyrically delving into topics of peace, love, comedy, social awareness, and self-realization with an emphasis of positivity despite conflicts, Lil Red musical journey has already provided a new dimension to the local South Africa hip-hop/R&B scene.

She uses her voice and talent as a platform and strives to be a role model and inspiration for other creative types and artists to pursue their dreams. With each new release, Lil Red proves time and time again why she is a force to be reckoned with and a name that every household will know.

“This is just the start of the Lil Red journey and I would love my fans/audience to grow and move forward with me,” said Lil Red, who’s a true innovator of hippie rap and aficionado of lyrical svelteness, and whose music is now available on iTunes and by visiting

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