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Zing Tea – A Cup of Natural Energy

Zing Tea – A Cup of Natural Energy

Melbourne, Australia; 25, January 2016: A family business, Zing Tea got launched to create flavoursome, healthy tea. Working with select growers in China, the company only uses the best and freshest tea leaves.

Why Zing Tea?

For over 20 years, Zing Tea became a brand associated with high-quality tea. But, what is that so? The firm believes that quality is crucial to producing the best products for tea lovers.

They have a close-knit relationship with the tea leaf growers and providers in China. They’ve adopted strict procedures and guidelines to leave nothing to chance. Each product gets tested, blended and packaged as per their guidelines.

Their core range of health teas is all registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. That means they get held to the highest possible Australian standard. What’s more, each ingredient of their products gets listed on the label.

They also conduct rigorous testing at each manufacturing stage. The result? Consumers only receive what gets stated on the packaging!

Zing Tea: helping to improve people’s well-being

The team at Zing Team understand that consumers lead busy lifestyles. Research has shown that introducing a flavoursome, healthy tea to one’s diet is a good idea. That’s because it helps to increase vitality in one’s life.

Zing Tea are proud to emphasise one fact about their products. They follow the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. What that means is only the best ingredients in each product get offered.

From managing metabolism to improving digesting, they have a detox tea product to help. Many of the firm’s customers also drink their teas to help them relax and have a good night’s sleep.

The Zing Tea difference

All the tea products offered by the brand have one thing in common. They provide a holistic approach to solving common lifestyle and medical problems.

One can even use them to complement existing medicine. They boast many benefits, such as:

* Helping to achieve weight loss goals;
* Improving digestive flow;
* Relieving stress and fostering relaxation.

Helping people to enjoy the simpler things in life

There’s no denying that everyone lives in a world dominated by technology. It’s a digital age fuelled by the need to consume the latest news via any means necessary.

Zing Tea is also about promoting a healthier yet simpler lifestyle. It gives consumers a brief respite from the switched-on world that they live in. And, the most important fact is Zing Tea promotes living a healthier lifestyle. Find out more about Zing Tea at

About Zing Tea:

Based in Melbourne, the firm help to promote better health through the use of herbal teas. They have more than 20 years of valuable experience. Working with a range of tea growers and producers, they offer high-quality products. Only the best and freshest tea leaves get used to create their herbal teas.

For more information, contact:
Zing Tea
18 Coora Rd
South VIC
Tel: +61 (0)412 237 218

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