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4 Easy Mistakes That Could Void HVAC Warranty

4 Easy Mistakes That Could Void HVAC Warranty

30, November 2016: Buying a new HVAC system is a big investment for your home. If the system warranty becomes void due to some silly mistake of yours, it’s going to be really expensive for you. So, it’s important that you avoid some of the common mistakes that could void your HVAC warranty.

Each HVAC manufacturer has specific warranty policies, which is why it’s important that you read your HVAC contractor documents and stay aware of the terms. HVAC industry leaders like Watsco, National Air Warehouse, and Trane share some common tips on how you can avoid losing out on your HVAC system warranty. Read on for expert tips.

Improper Installation

Most warranties are valid only if qualified and licensed technicians install the new HVAC systems. If the person is not experienced or if the system is not the right one for your space or if it is placed in the wrong location, the manufacturer will consider the warranty to be void. Remember that it’s always a safer bet to hire a certified contractor to handle the system if you want to stay away from warranty disputes even though you may have to pay him a little more as installation charges.

Not Registering Warranty

After getting the system installed, ensure that you register the warranty. If you fail to do so, the warranty will be void when you actually need it. Most of the manufacturers today allow online registration of HVAC systems. So, it’s not likely to take much of your time.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Your heating and cooling system requires regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer so that it works efficiently. It’s only with regular maintenance that the lifespan of the system is increased. So, ensure that you get the system maintenance done as per schedule and also preserve the records so that you can provide them to the company when asked for. If you fail to get the regular maintenance done or if you don’t have the records, the HVAC warranty goes void.

Not Using Approved Parts

At some point of time, if you have to replace any part on the HVAC system, ensure that you go through the warranty booklet and use only the original equipment manufacturer’s parts. If you are not doing so and happen to use aftermarket parts from some other brand, the warranty is considered void.

Avoid voiding your HVAC system warranty with any of these common mistakes so that the warranty remains active.

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