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Aceex Corporation Will Now Offer Tech News and Media

Aceex Corporation Will Now Offer Tech News and Media

New York, NY; 20, August 2016: As an announcement, the Aceex Corporation has moved from the tech hardware industry into tech news/media/publishing. The move comes after a change in top level of the organisation. While the AceEx company still has thousands of Aceex routers in public use, the company is using a clause in its previous terms and conditions to no longer continue customer service for its routers. Instead now, newly named AceEx, the company can be found at with its new Tech Blog.

The AceEx blog is mainly designed to cover the latest news in the technology industry including plenty of gadget and product reviews. Interesting the website is already a leading source of quality information for iOS app reviews, and it certainly on the rise looking to take on many of the other web established technology related website. Not only this but the website is focusing on providing quality information designed for the general public. This includes loads of simple but efficient how-to guides, and various other relevant technological information including plenty of other game reviews, cheats and hacks.

With that being said, while it is mainly a technology advice site, no niche exclusivity is being placed on the site. Instead, AceEx plans to be a complete all-in-one blog and news site covering everything from celebrity gossip to funny memes to pet hygiene. With no restrictions being placed on the writer in terms of content output. This is designed to increase user experience, providing them with users with interesting but quality information.

To see the changes for yourself, head over to

For any prospective advertisers, the website does allow on-site advertising, including but not limited to product reviews, affiliation, and guest posts. For further enquiry and to contact the company, head to the AceEx website, and navigate to the contact us page – located in the footer menu.

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