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UK –, the UK based company which is a part of All Seasons UK Group, recently launched their futuristic electronic scooters in the UK. has named the electric bike as E-Moto 48V. According to the owners of the e-scooter manufacturing company, no licence or registration is required for riding this scooter on the UK roads. They have pointed out that the UK laws do not require electric scooter riders to have a licence or registration. The owners have also underscored the fact that the E-moto 48v is not classified as a moped. This is actually an electronic scooter which is lightweight, eco-friendly and cost effective.

The standard features of the E-moto 48v, as the owners have confirmed, are battery level indicator, speedometer, superior-grade tyre, Xenon style front lights, front indicators and horn, and drum brake system. The owners have claimed that the E-moto 48v scooters are safer, more cost-effective and more lightweight vehicles than bikes. Besides, these electric scooters do not cause air and noise pollution, the owners have claimed.

“Unlike mopeds and other types of two-wheelers that emit poisonous gases, our electric scooters do not emit any smoke. Besides, these are noiseless and are stylish as well”, said the CEO of All Seasons Scooters. “Environmental pollution is a major concern of scientists. The amount of air pollutants the petrol or diesel powered two-wheelers emit every day is enough to pollute the atmosphere to a dangerous extent. We, therefore, emphasized on research and innovation to come up with something that almost everyone can drive and without polluting the environment”, he added while addressing a group of journalists in London this week.

Another senior executive of the company also met the press at the same conference. He pointed out the salient benefits of the e-bike that UK users can enjoy. “First of all, anybody who is aged above 14 can ride this e-scooter and no license or DVLA registration or MOT certification is required. Besides, this is one of the most cost-effective vehicles at this moment. With spending just £1, one can travel up to 375 miles”, he said during his press conference.

About the Company

All Season Electric Bikes is a division of All Seasons Group. Its sister company is All Seasons Scooters.

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