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ATEAZ Organic Coffee & Teas, A Striking Mix Of Flavors And Quality

ATEAZ Organic Coffee & Teas, A Striking Mix Of Flavors And Quality

Here is an exciting news for coffee and tea lovers. Following their sold-out appearance at the Philly Coffee and Tea Expo. The online boutique tea company announces the debut of their newest tea flavor called ‘Fall Delight Chai.’ This organic white tea features Organic black peppercorns, cinnamon, fennel, cloves, cardamom, star anise, and other high-quality, natural tea flavors. With a medium caffeine content, this sweet and spicy tea works by relaxing the mind and body and is ideal for anyone who loves the comforting Chai aroma.

ATEAZ Organic Coffee & Tea , is an online boutique that offers organic loose leaf teas in many varieties such as organic black teas, organic green tea , organic wellness teas, flavored teas, and dessert teas. In addition to their amazing tea selection, they also have a big selection of organic coffees from all around the world. The company offers a rich experience of taste through their collection of unique flavors and service that brings the product to their customer at peak of quality. By doing so, they provide their customers with an incomparable experience of taste and quality with every sip. Customers can share this experience by placing an order online, and the company will roast the coffees fresh the next day and send them within 2 to 5 business days. Likewise, the tea lovers can also place an order for fresh teas on their website.

Ateaz is proud to partnered up with Omonia Cafe, a traditional European Cafe chain popular for their Greek and Italian pastries. They also baked Greek-theme-based cakes for the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

About ATEAZ Organic Coffee & Teas

Based out of New York, New York, Ateaz is a premier, one-stop online boutique for organic coffee and teas. Their mission is to find the world’s most fantastic organic teas and coffees and deliver them to their customers at almost any location. Ateaz offers both retail and wholesale options for their hand blends and custom craft of the world’s finest organic teas and coffees. In addition, they are proud to partner up with world’s award winning tea suppliers to give every customer a one of a kind experience each time.

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