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Calculate Calories with the Free BMR Calculator Tool

Calculate Calories with the Free BMR Calculator Tool

The all new BMR Calculator tool is introduced to calculate calorie intake on the basis of several factors. The calculator helps to analyse the amount of calories that a body burns in a day. This software app is particularly an ideal tool for people on a weight loss program. It helps to calculate the amount of calorie intake to lose or gain weight.

With a user friendly interface and easy to use features, this software app enables users to obtain the right calculations. Users need to input certain information such as gender, age, weight, activity level and so forth to assist the tool to make correct calculations. The tool has only a few features which makes it easy to utilize. It can be installed easily with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

According to the website, “There is no reason for you to try to calculate things on your own as they might be confusing or incorrect. By using this free BMR calculator , you will have many scientific studies and research done that will back up your decision to eat more or less calories.”

A user of this simple and reliable software app comments, “Calculating calories on your own can be difficult and confusing. With the free BMR Calculator, I can now know exactly the amount of calories my body burns during rest and work out sessions. I can now adjust my diet and keep my body fit and toned.”

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About BMR Calculator

The Free BMR Calculator tool is an extremely simple software app that is basically designed to calculate BMR based on information such as gender, weight, age and overall level of activity.

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