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Florida Startup Launches Project To Crowdfund Access To Justice For All

Florida Startup Launches Project To Crowdfund Access To Justice For All


What do indigenous rights, professional negligence claims and criminal defense have in common? They are all examples of legal advocacy being supported through CrowdLaw.net.

CrowdLaw, a University of Florida Innovation Hub-based Startup, is positioning itself as a “Kickstarter” for seeking access to justice.

Henry Perlstein, the company’s Chief Empowerment Officer, says “CrowdLaw.net was created to provide direct access to donations for advocacy campaigns. Supporting access to justice for those in need is essential for our adversarial system to function properly. ‘Access to justice’ means access to funding. The “justice gap” is a collective suffering that won’t be fixed with one grand solution – but instead by many personalized solutions.

CrowdLaw is a platform for effecting change on an individual campaign-by-campaign and case-by-case basis.”

Using CrowdLaw, advocates and clients follow a simple process to create a campaign to begin raising funds. Donors choose whether to remain anonymous or identify themselves. Clients and advocates may also choose to seek funding privately using CrowdLaw. All donations are secured by PayPal, and all funds are distributed transparently to directly benefit “real clients and real advocacy” as Perlstein calls it.

The idea for CrowdLaw originated in 2011 when founders Henry Perlstein and Robert Hogan, Esq., then law students at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, concluded that they had little hope of finding sustainable funding for a nonprofit law firm they aspired to create.

Perlstein now believes the landscape has changed due to mainstream embracement of crowdfunding. “Leveraging crowdfunding as a tool of disruption enables us to rethink many previously unsustainable models. Platforms like CrowdLaw will empower the next generation of changemakers to succeed where we failed to start.”

The social benefit organization debuted CrowdLaw.net through a Beta launch in Florida, and the team almost instantly connected with interested campaigners all around the US, from Worcester, MA, to Berkeley, CA, and throughout the world, from Brisbane, AU, to London, UK, to San Juan, PR.

CrowdLaw is currently seeking new campaigns on its platform, as well as partnership opportunities to expand their mission of providing access to justice for all.

Henry Perlstein
CEO, CrowdLaw
+1 (352) 575-0504
Twitter: @crowdlawnet
Website: http://crowdlaw.net

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