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Found The Perfect Dress? Well Pick The Perfect Bra Too!

Found The Perfect Dress? Well Pick The Perfect Bra Too!

Loved a dress but couldn’t find the perfect ladies bra for it? We know how disappointing it is when you bra spoils the look of your beautiful outfit.  Worry not we have solution to all your problems.

T-shirts Bra

Opt for a t-shirt bra to wear underneath your fitted clothes. These bras are ideally without any frills or lace to give you a smooth and neat silhouette. The pads are padded or contoured providing a no-show confidence. Ideal for bodycon dress, tight tees or tops

Strapless Bra

These kinds of bras work best with tube, halter or off shoulder dresses. When you don’t want ugly bra strap peeks, strapless bra comes to the rescue. Go for a push-up bra in this category to give your party numbers an extra oomph.

Racerback Bra

Wanting to flaunt your new top with a stylised back? The straps showing on the back may just spoil the entire look. Try a racerback bra and get rid of those peeking straps.

Low Back Converter

Shopped for an amazing low back dress for your big day? We won’t disappoint you. Grab on to a low back converter and attach it to your bra to turn it into a backless bra wonder. Enjoy the support and comfort of your favourite bra bestie and flaunt your back with the confidence of a converter.

Make a customized selection for your next special day from a collection of bra online to feel confident in the inside while you look beautiful on the outside.

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