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Free Facebook Monitoring Tool Keeps an Eye on Social Networking Sites

Free Facebook Monitoring Tool Keeps an Eye on Social Networking Sites

The launch of the Free Facebook Monitoring tool proves to be quite a reliable and useful tool as it helps to monitor the Facebook activities of young children or other users.

With a simple user friendly software interface, this program can be installed with relative ease. It functions in an invisible mode and monitors Facebook activities. The program is designed to capture the screen image and record it. The recorded data can then be accessed and viewed. The program remains hidden or invisible and it starts the recording process once the computer is switched on.

In addition to monitoring or recording screen shots, the program is also designed to collect chat reports and conversations. It has options to record as well as delete this information.

Based on the website, “The Free Facebook monitoring software program is completely free with a number of attractive features. This free software program also allows the users to set a specific time limit to restrict children from excessive usage of Facebook. The Free Facebook monitoring program is an excellent tool for parental monitoring.

The program also records the date and time of the event while recording the screen activities of the Facebook user. A complacent parent remarks, “Earlier I was quite worried when my children access Facebook and social networking sites. But ever since I downloaded and installed the Free Facebook Monitoring tool, I am no longer worried. I can now monitor all the activities of my children on Facebook with this reliable tool.”

To know more about this free software app, please log on to:

Free Facebook Monitoring

The Free Facebook Monitoring tool is an uncomplicated and handy software app that is designed to monitor Facebook activities of the users in an invisible mode. It has a user friendly interface with a few simple and easy to use features.

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