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Global Syn-Turf Launches a Special Program to Support Spanish Landscapers in the Artificial Grass Industry

Global Syn-Turf Launches a Special Program to Support Spanish Landscapers in the Artificial Grass Industry

The leading manufacturer of artificial grass, Global Syn-Turf, Inc., announced that it has launched a special Spanish-language program designed to support Spanish speakers in the synthetic turf industry who are most comfortable interacting in Spanish. Services in the program include Spanish-language literature and knowledge transference, as well as Spanish-language audiovisual media. The company has launched the first phase of the program, and will expand its Spanish-language services throughout 2015 in several stages of updates.

According to Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hispanics represent 43.1% of the Landscaping services industry. Global Syn-Turf is the only worldwide artificial turf manufacturer focusing on Hispanic landscapers, with services delivered in their primary language.

“U.S. Hispanics, in particular, are upwardly mobile in the landscaping industry,” said Marysol Gomez, Sales and Marketing Manager. “Further, in 2011, households with at least one Spanish-speaking worker in the landscaping industry obtained more than $18 billion in household income – that’s a lot of buying power. And this number is only increasing. Our new program was designed for this customer base, as well as for Spanish-speaking people in Latin America and all over the world. Our goal is for Global Syn-Turf to be the preeminent one-stop emporium for this population to shop for artificial grass products and receive Spanish-language artificial grass services – whenever they want. We are thrilled to fill the hole in this market by launching this Spanish-language program, and are just as excited about other new products and services coming down the pipeline throughout 2015.”

The first phase of Global Syn-Turf’s program launches today with the publication of Spanish-language literature, including artificial grass installation and instruction manuals, which can be accessed on their website at GlobalSynTurf.com. In addition to Spanish-language literature immediately available on the web, Spanish-language services and knowledge dispensation are currently available at all of Global Syn-Turf’s warehouses and locations. Other services, including video aids, are projected for release in updates throughout 2015.

Commenting on recent major developments in the green industry, Marysol Gomez said, “Recently we’ve seen similar announcements from other green industry companies, confirming the explosive market for Spanish-language services and products. The green industry is receptive to, and built to accommodate, innovative and progressive movements from firms, and this program is poised to make Global Syn-Turf quickly become a premier, one-stop worldwide artificial grass destination for Spanish speakers. Our customer base is very diverse, so it’s logical for our products and services to adapt accordingly.”

Global Syn-Turf, Inc.
Marysol Gomez (Marketing and Sales Manager)
Phone: 877-796-8873
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