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Help her find her perfect 1st Bra

Help her find her perfect 1st Bra

This is the most crucial stage of your daughter’s life where she experiences changes in her maturing body. You are the right one to guide her through the growing changes. Make her understand the importance of a beginner’s bra. Begin right by picking the perfect teenager bra for her.

An ideal beginner’s bra or teenage bra should have certain features to support your daughter’s active years.  First and foremost is the importance of cotton fabric. Look for a skin-friendly cotton bra because that will provide with a good amount of support and comfort.

Underbust band also plays a crucial role in providing support. The broader the band, the better the support would be.

Ideally a beginner’s bra should not be underwired. Since it’s your daughter’s first bra experience, underwires may poke and make it an uncomfortable encounter for her. Instead you can opt for lined, contoured or padded cups for needed support and comfort. It will protect her from awkward moments and give her a poke-free first experience.

Make her experience fun and comfortable. Pick bras in funky and quirky prints. You could choose bright colours for her casual wear and light pastel ones for her school uniform. Get her some cute designs with bows, laces and ruffles to liven-up her underfashion drawer.

A teen bra is available in front open and hook-and-eye closures. But, the most comfortable and practical would be the slip-on ones. They feel more like a crop top with a better snug fit and solve the inconvenience of hooking-unhooking that might cause uneasiness to a novice bra-wearer.

Complement her prom night dress with beginner’s bra that has transparent straps. Don’t let her compromise on comfort or style.

Shop on and make the experience fun and exciting!

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