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Horror’s New Henchman Debuts Score for Supernatural Thriller “Dead Awake”

Horror’s New Henchman Debuts Score for Supernatural Thriller “Dead Awake”

Horror’s New Henchman Debuts Score for Supernatural Thriller “Dead Awake”

Preview: Composer Marc Vanocur conjures the 80s nostalgia in his original score for Philip Guzman’s “Dead Awake”

Los Angeles, CA, United States., March 09, 2017 — Marc Vanocur, the Los Angeles-based composer, and horror newcomer debuts score for Philip Guzman’s bloodcurdling new feature, “Dead Awake.” Premiering this May, the film showcases Vanocur’s dark sensibilities and uncanny style in the form of nightmarish musical themes.

The ode to Wes Craven’s classic “A Nightmare On Elm Street” turns slumberland into a twisted murderer’s den that sends chills down the spine. Vanocur provides the sonic backdrop for the new independent film that revives the nostalgia of the decade that introduced MTV, break dancing and the Rubik’s Cube.

The emerging composer’s use of retro synth loops, layered with eerie piano sequences, speckled with suspenseful string arrangements and paired with electronic beats offers a new take on the era that redefined horror.

“The soundtrack is a fusion between an electronic and percussive, contemporary set of music moments set against a more traditional orchestrated horror score,” says the composer, who also doubles as the film’s color corrector. “We are primarily in the electronic world when we are awake, but when asleep and in the midst of the night hag, we transition to a string and wind version of a contemporary horror score.”

The multitalented musician regularly takes on multiple roles while working on films. As a co-owner of Media Toaster, the independent company that is reshaping the world of post-production, Vanocur frequently operates on both color and sound simultaneously to enhance each project.

The highly anticipated film from Jeffrey Reddick (“Final Destination”) features Jocelin Donahue (“Insidious: Chapter 2″), Jesse Bradford (“Swimfan”) and Lori Petty (“Orange is The New Black”).

The story follows Kate Bowman (Jocelin Donahue) a straight-laced social worker who is plunged into a world of supernatural terror while investigating a series of deaths where people died in their sleep. Before expiring, the victims all reported being paralyzed and tormented by a dark entity during their sleep. As she struggles to stay awake, the heroine must find a way to save herself and her friends from the ancient evil that stalks victims in their sleep.

Brea Grant (“Halloween 2,” “Heroes,” “Dexter”), Jesse Borrego (“American Crime,” “Dexter”) and James Eckhouse (“The Avengers,” “Beverly Hills 90210″) complete the movie’s breakout cast.

Vanocur’s take on 80s horror illustrates his uncanny ability to build a mood and arrange a sleek composition that carries an underlying sense of mystery, along with an overriding aura of fear and tension. Both unearthly and threatening, the concoction of ethereal, atmospheric sounds and bursts of intrusive, synth chords keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The “Dead Awake” score carries a fluid osmosis between the visual and musical minds of Vanocur and Guzman. Like many film composers and directors, the pair’s first collaboration has evolved into a working relationship that will continue into Guzman’s upcoming projects.

“Marc is an incredible musician who can play anything with any instrument, and he loves horror movies, both sentiments were right on par,” says Guzman. “The aim was to do something that mixed ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ with Trent Reznor electrics feel; it had to be something that felt fresh and electronic with some classical elements. Marc captured that vision, and the result is a killer soundtrack!”

The soundtrack for “Dead Awake” will soon be accessible to the public via iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

About Marc Vanocur:
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Marc began his career in 1983 at Valley Arts Guitar designing, wiring and implementing electronics for professional musicians, the studio, and stage. In 1992, Marc changed gears and began designing and implementing digital technology for post-production studios such as L’Azur Audio Post and furthering his career by editing, supervising and mixing sound for motion pictures at Digital Sound and Picture, Los Angeles. In 1996, he joined Weddington Productions in North Hollywood, later purchased by Technicolor, as the Chief Executive Officer in which he served as Senior Vice President until 2008. In 1999, Marc formed SHOUT | SOFTLY, an independent production house that fuses talent with technology and creates flexible and mobile workflows from script to screen.

SHOUT | SOFTLY produces music videos, EPKs, short films, long narratives, and documentaries. The creative hub is currently engaged on four movies providing post-production services from editorial to finishing. Marc Vanocur is acting as the lead composer and colorist on three of those films in his studios in Burbank, California.

Preview: “Dead Awake” theme song by Marc Vanocur

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