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Hunter Tires Launches New Website…

Hunter Tires Launches New Website…

Hunter Tires is a well-respected manufacturer and distributor of quality tires. The company sells both to end-users and to resellers. To better manage the broad and varied clientele, the company introduces its new website.

Determining the best tire for a specific car or truck really takes the insight that comes from years of working with different automobiles. Even career trucking company managers need to rely on the insight of specialists, such as professional mechanics, drivers and tire manufacturers. To make the decisions smoother and easier, Hunter Tires of Southern California has developed a new website for customers.

Hunter Tires, as seen at http://www.huntertires.com , manufactures and sells tires intended for different types of automobile. For example, steer tires offer the vehicle’s owner greater efficiency by increasing the mileage over the life of tire. Likewise, trailer tires are designed and built to manage the weight of a large truckload. The Hunter Tires website offers these two different tires, along with Drive tires, and in a variety of sizes. For more information on tire selections, see http://www.huntertires.com/tire-selector/

Matthew Shenouda acts as the president of Hunter Tires and takes an active role in the management of the company. Along with his customer service and sales staff, he provides clients whatever information they need, whether the customer is an end-user or a reseller of tires. As is discussed on the new website, Matthew and his staff are happy to provide a warranty on new tires and ensure that a customer selects the best one for their specific vehicle and needs.

The new website offers greater information for parties who are considering becoming a Hunter Tires distributor. The website discusses the benefits of working directly with the internal staff while developing a local tire distributorship. Professional inventory management, marketing support, customer service and other client services are covered, as seen at http://www.huntertires.com/warranty/ . For greater support as the company and its clients grow, Hunter Tires shares the president’s email, mshenouda@huntertires.com , to be even more effective in serving clients around the country.

For more information see http://newswire.net/article/index/view/article_id/87491

About Hunter Tires:

Hunter Tires is a leading manufacturer and distributer of high quality tires. The team at Hunter Tires is committed to offering their customers only the highest quality products and customer service.

For More Information:
Hunter Tires Sales Team
Hunter Tires
5584 Imperial Highway
South Gate, CA 90280
(800) 995-1663

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