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New Author Tom Ersin Tracks Donald Trump’s Takeover of the GOP


The GOP made a deal with Beelzebub after Barack Obama’s 2008 election. In Barack vs. the Anti-PC: Laying the Groundwork for a 2016 Donald Trump Presidential Run, Tom Ersin chronicles how the Republican Party inadvertently enabled Trump’s rise to power and his takeover of their party. Boston, MA, United States., March 13, 2017 — The GOP made a deal with ... Read More »

Horror’s New Henchman Debuts Score for Supernatural Thriller “Dead Awake”


Horror’s New Henchman Debuts Score for Supernatural Thriller “Dead Awake” Preview: Composer Marc Vanocur conjures the 80s nostalgia in his original score for Philip Guzman’s “Dead Awake” Los Angeles, CA, United States., March 09, 2017 — Marc Vanocur, the Los Angeles-based composer, and horror newcomer debuts score for Philip Guzman’s bloodcurdling new feature, “Dead Awake.” Premiering this May, the film ... Read More »

MotuPatluare Killing Zombies


09, March 2017: Well, this is another great motupatlu game. “kill the zombies” is thriller game. Also this is a fantastic zombie killer game from nick India and motu and patlu both are players in this game and you’ve to control them via your keyboard. It’s pretty easy game and I am pretty sure that you will enjoy playing this ... Read More »

Electric Hoverboard makes life more casual and free


Nowadays, sports has become the favorite activities to office gens, white-collar workers in the office, on the day of the computer, each parts of the body are lack of exercise, especially prone to various minor problems in various aspects of the body, such as sore neck, mouse hand, eyes dry, therefore, they are after work that will choose some leisure activities to ... Read More »

KOOWHEEL E-skateboard, Make your life be Cool


Have you ever thought about a romantic and beautiful weekend with your lover? Do you want to show yourself in the public? And would you like to let your body and mind to be fully relaxed on a sunny day, feel like a poetic and moving melodies, and listen to the voice of nature, permeated the whole vision of the good ... Read More »

The Basic Operation of Omega Zodiac Game Released For Players to Enjoy Playing Omega Zodiac

Omega Zodiac

Guangzhou, Guangdong; 02, March 2017: For all MMORPG lovers, Proficient City Limited has introduced a new game with exciting features. The game is drawing attention of the online gamers worldwide and they want to learn more about the game. The game developer has already released the gaming wiki and gaming tips and one can also refer to the basic operation ... Read More »

Omega Zodiac Tips Released for Online Gamers to Enjoy Playing Omega Zodiac to the Fullest

Omega Zodiac

Guangzhou, Guangdong; 02, March 2017: The new game introduced by Proficient City Limited has several exciting features that players must be aware of to enjoy the game to the fullest. According to the spokesperson of the company, Omega Zodiac is the best MMORPG game ever with exciting features like the daily task of playing treasure that multiplies the joy of ... Read More »

Prospectacy Assists Gaming Companies to Secure Malta Gaming License


24, February 2017: Prospectacy is one of the most trusted leaders helping companies to get licenses to operate as a business in Malta. One of their major areas of specialization is gaming license issuance. This company is here to extend a helping hand to gaming companies that would like to get started in running their business and offer their services ... Read More »

Clash of Clans Titled as the Best Game of Century


23, February 2017: Players love to play the famous Clash of clans. The popular game over the internet and the mobile phones has thousands of fans. It is an adventurous game, which allows individuals to build the clan by using various resources. Players can build towns, weapons, defenses and more soldiers. However, to avail the resources, players will need Gems, ... Read More »

Houdini Museum, Scranton PA, and Dorothy Dietrich Featured in Media Arts Showing in New York City


Houdini Museum, Scranton PA, Featured In Media Arts Exhibit, “women boxed” In New York City. An Arts project about woman’s rights and women’s equality. Opens Valentines Day, February 14, until April 7, 2017. Using the magic trick of sawing a woman in half as a metaphor, and includes footage of the renowned female magician, Dorothy Dietrich. New York City, NY, ... Read More »