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Introducing Factors that Could Determine the Quality of Aluminum Windows and Doors

Introducing Factors that Could Determine the Quality of Aluminum Windows and Doors

China – For many people who will decorate their home, the decoration of the windows and doors made by aluminum extrusion profiles is a big problem. So, for consumers who want to choose a truly cost-effective aluminum windows and doors, the following tips which provide by famous aluminium section supplier should become very necessary.

Seal performance

Technician from introduce that people should particularly pay attention to sealing performance of these aluminum doors with inlaid glass especially the hollow glass designed products, be sure to. If the sealing performance is not good, it will lead to the dirty of the hollow layer and affect the appearance.

Aluminum window components

The connection parts for these windows which made by the Aluminum window profiles should be solid enough. The corrosion-resistant filler material is very necessary to make the connection portion has good seal and waterproof performance.


In the general situations, the price of high quality aluminum windows and doors is higher than that of the low-grade aluminum alloy doors for about 30% as the high quality windows were products by the high level aluminum profiles and high end workmanships. Some low end manufacturers cut corners to reduce costs and then their products will contain larger risks. So, people should be best to choose the aluminum doors which have high quality aluminum profiles.

Process quality

The high-quality aluminum doors and windows all passed the precision machining and welding. In particularly, those connection parts of this product are very smooth. On the contrary, the poor quality aluminum windows and doors often do not choose the aluminum extrusion profiles with standard specifications and the processing for them is very shoddy. The door frames and other locations cannot be spliced corner flatly.

Aluminum profiles

The high quality aluminum windows always adopt the broken insulation aluminum profiles and the wall thickness of them should be commonly greater than 1.4mm. The aluminum profile should be in the same color. On the other hand, people should check the surface of aluminum profiles of those windows and doors. In general, the surface of these parts should not have sag, bulge and other obvious defects such as cracks and burrs. Furthermore, the oxide film thickness of the aluminum surface should reach 10 microns. All of these factors could be easily found by consumer during their purchasing process.

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