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Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is now Serving Homeowners in the Seattle

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is now Serving Homeowners in the Seattle

Seattle, Washington – Homeowners who are currently in the market to sell their home or buy a new one can now rest at ease because Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is available to meet all of your real estate needs. Whether your are in the market for a new home, or trying to decide on the best option for selling your current one, the professionals at Jacobsen Holdings have your solution.

This professional team includes experts in listing, staging and selling homes, regardless of condition. The real estate professionals at Jacobsen enjoy strong relationships with many local contractors who can get your home in sales-ready condition quickly and often at a discounted rate. If your home is in need of updates or repairs, including roofing, landscaping, electrical or plumbing work, their team of experts can complete the work quickly to get your home on the market right away.

The Jacobsen Holdings, LLC team also includes some of the Seattle area’s top interior designers who know the very best way to stage homes for quick sale. These professionals have many years’ experience presenting homes in the very best light possible and seeing the hidden beauty and potential your home offers. Staging is one of the most important factors in getting a home sold quickly, and these designers know just the way to do that.

Another service offered by this versatile group of real estate professionals is their home purchase service. If you are looking to sell your home immediately, Jacobsen Holdings, LLC has the ability to purchase your home themselves for an instant cash offer. This offers customers the fastest and most hassle-free way to get out of their existing home, for whatever reason they may be looking for leave.

Customers everywhere have raved about the Jacobsen team’s fairness and honesty when dealing with clients. Their years of experience coupled with their extensive knowledge and straightforward approach has created many satisfied and repeat customers who know that the Jacobsen group will be able to help them with their real estate needs, regardless of what they are.

About Jacobsen Holdings, LLC

Jacobsen Holdings, LLC is a real estate group specializing in sales, remodeling, contracting and lending. They offer unique solutions to clients looking to buy or sell their homes in the Seattle area.


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