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Flannel shirts have long been a symbol for rugged, virile men who work hard and the durable shirts have made their way into mainstream style. Alfin Indran, the founder of , announced that the Indonesian based e-commerce is now offering shirts specialized in premium flannel fabrics.

Kemeja Flanel is flannel shirts in Bahasa Indonesia.

“Flannel shirts have always been equated with hard worker people who are front liners on the field,” said Indran. “From its interesting historical roots to the present day, flannel shirt has always evolved to meet work and style. Flannel shirt is rock gear for the real worker. They are for people that make things happen.” is a trusted online shop that provides a variety of products from famous Indonesian local brands. It provides premium shirts at a reasonable price. offers flannel shirts in multiple colors and varying patterns to accommodate a wide range of personal tastes. Shirts are available in sizes ranging from small to XXXL. Garments can be ordered individually and the company provides bulk orders for wholesalers and retailers. The website is made technology-friendly and consumers can easily place orders from their Android-enabled devices.

Flannel shirts have become extremely popular with men, and even women, who desire a durable shirt that’s versatile and stylish. Flannel style shirts have retained their distinctive look while changing to meet the needs of those living in a variety of climates.

Flannel shirts have a warm and colorful history dating back to the 16th century. Originally created by the Welsh for warmth and protection, the fabric has evolved and transformed over the years to encompass a myriad of colors, patterns and uses, from belts and blankets to underwear and jacket linings during war time.

Consumers can now purchase an endless array of solid and color combinations, patterns and materials while still conforming to the garment’s original design. Flannel has captured the imagination of wearers and designers around the world, from French fashion bastions and a Red Flannel Day celebration in the United States to Sean Connery’s flannel suit in the movie “Goldfinger”. specializes in shirts for people who desire a versatile shirt that can be worn while engaging in a variety of leisure time activities, as well as for working behind the table. With the extensive variety of offerings at the website, is taking the traditional flannel shirt from the working realm to new heights in fashionable style. can be reached at +62 85 793 124 062, via email at or by visiting Kemeja Flanel online.

Contact Person: Alfin I.
Jl. Ranggamalela 15C
Bandung, Indonesia
Mobile: +62 85 793 124 062

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