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KOOWHEEL Hoverboard K5 gives you a different experience

KOOWHEEL Hoverboard K5 gives you a different experience

The riding is not over pedal domination, and the traditional motorcycle and Electric vehicle are appear. As a personal transport, speed is there, but the pollution problem has become the center of conflict. KOOWHEEL Hoverboard scooter K5 bring people to a new vision, energy saving and low carbon, to make an example on green travel.
Travel tools experience the thousands of years evolution, people’s way of life had a huge impact. Although now the four wheels car has become the dominant Road, personal riding tools are still in the effective direction development. In addition to play skills in a particular line, innovation consciousness gradually into the design. Elwe, early on personal travel conducted a thorough analysis and discussion, the balance scooter K5 aim at carbon-free behavior, load into the advanced intelligent technology, not just to ride to the destination of the way, has become the pursuit of life fun and outdoor media.
The smart scooter K5 completely subvert the people’s understanding of the traditional means of transport, it has the following characteristics:

1. It is with three parts structure design which keeps balance by itself and wont fall. the most important point is that we have got our own patent of this model
2. Removable battery
3. There is grip on the board, then you can carry it freely.
4. With display screen.
5. Dual Speaker
6. Induction lights, will light up in a dark place
7. Will get UL2272 soon.

Koowheel is sure to the power of the Balance scooter and gives you a different experience, to make a reasonable optimization for some obvious technical defects.
Compared to the balance car riding need to have the basic balance of the balance car, smart scooter K5 is more like a pragmatic law-abiding. There are structural features of Smart balance scooter already, just to play by walking, KOOWHEEL‘s contribution to its own level of the comprehensive grasp of product. K5 has a solid base support and a suitable speed configuration, showing a convenient and smooth ride experience. Standing on the KOOWHEEL, considering the human comfort factors, that does not increase the storage space, and standing more in line with the people’s daily habits.

Two wheel electric scooter K5 to be innovative in the attitude to flexible characteristics of the product, to convey the unique thinking on security issues, provide a sensible solution; on the basis of saving time and labor and increase the pleasure to the awareness of environmental protection.This information comes from

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