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Launch of New Love Calculator to Estimate Love Compatibility

Launch of New Love Calculator to Estimate Love Compatibility

A simple and light weight software tool- the Love Calculator is launched to calculate the compatibility percentage of two people. The tool is unique and uncomplicated with a few features and options.

The Love Calculator has no configuration settings and therefore it is extremely easy to work with this tool. The program is based on an algorithm which analyses the names of the users and offers information on the intensity of love between these two people.

The program uses only minimum disk space and therefore seldom affects the overall performance of the computer. This freeware can be downloaded and installed with ease and simplicity. Users can copy the results and paste it on a clipboard which is another option available in this software app.

Love Calculator is quite a reliable and useful tool. With its simple features, I could easily calculate the future of my love relationship. I could easily recognise my true love. I am really grateful to the developers of this master-minded tool.”

The program showcases a window where in the users need to input the first and the last names of two persons and the tool calculates the love compatibility ratio between these two people. There are only a few simple features included in this software app which makes it popular among both novices and experienced users.

“It is actually a fun tool based on certain algorithms. Calculating love compatibility with this tool is simple and exciting. Apart from that, it is absolutely free of costs,” quotes a user.

To know more about the new Love Calculator, please log on to: http://download.cnet.com/Love-Calculator/3000-31711_4-75913554.html

About Love Calculator

Love Calculator is an uncomplicated software app which helps to calculate the love ratio and compatibility between two people. It is a freeware that can be downloaded and installed easily.

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