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Launch of New Mommy Blog Website

Launch of New Mommy Blog Website is a positive mommy destination! Lots of love. No judgment. Moms are human.

July 21, 2016 — is a fresh and positive new mommy blog geared to moms who are looking for a boost of optimism in their day.

Mommy Harmony’s commitment to the readers is an enjoyable experience that everyone can feel good about. every blog post ends on a heartwarming note, with hopes to put the readers at ease. Set to a tone that all moms can relate to, reaches the readers and gives them a hug. provides more than just your typical mommy blog. Mommy Harmony also includes a recipe section with delicious recipes that are kid friendly and “Mom approved.”

The Lounge section is a spot for moms to relax and scroll through pictures and quotes to delight them and comfort them.

In addition, has a Facebook page to keep the subscribers connected and engaged. Every day, at any time. is updated often, keeping the readers entertained, uplifted and motivated.

Ultimately, is fresh, new, positive and loving.

Mommy Harmony focuses on “glitter” to brighten your day, “caffeine” to keep you going and “mom bun” because life is real.
Three things that moms can relate to.

“Moms string together so much every day and what we orchestrate is nothing short of a mommy harmony.”


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