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Mold Expert Inspect & Decontaminate Fort Wayne, Goshen, Colombia City, & Indiana Homes & Workplaces

Mold Expert Inspect & Decontaminate Fort Wayne, Goshen, Colombia City, & Indiana Homes & Workplaces

Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry provides in depth mold inspection, testing, removal, and remediation for houses and commercial buildings in Fort Wayne, Goshen, Columbia City, and other northern Indiana cities and areas.

Montrose, MI, January 22, 2015 — “Ninety percent of the homes, workplaces, and commercial buildings have a significant toxic mold infestation in Fort Wayne, Angola, Auburn, Bluffton, Colombia City, Decatur, Goshen, Hudson, Huntington, Kendallville, LaGrange, New Haven, Wabash, Warsaw, Waterloo, and elsewhere in northern Indiana,” warns Phillip Fry, mold consultant, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Professional Industrial Hygienist, and EnviroFry co-manager.

“Owners of homes and commercial buildings should arrange for an annual in depth mold inspection and testing by an environmental hygienist or certified mold inspector to discover water leaks and mold growth that may be hidden inside walls, ceilings, floors, attic, basement, crawl space, or heating/cooling equipment and air supply and return ducts,” recommends Mr. Fry, who has been webmaster since 1999 of, one of the internet’s biggest (300 pages) mold health education website.

Similarly, Fry also recommends that real estate sellers hire thorough mold inspection and testing prior to offering their property for sale. Likewise, no one should buy a home or commercial building without proper and complete mold investigation and testing by a qualified mold or environmental professional.

EnviroFry utilizes high tech environmental equipment, techniques, and solutions for both building mold inspection and decontamination, such as comprehensive and innovative mold testing of building surfaces, room air, and the outward air flow out of heating/cooling air duct registers; fiber optics video inspection inside building surfaces and areas; infrared thermal camera inspection for water leaks and water damage; the United Kingdom’s best moisture meter, high output ozone gas to kill both toxic mold and germs and odors, and the fogging of a special enzyme that destroys the cellular structure of mold spores, mold colonies, bacteria, and viruses, air scrubbers with HEPA and activated carbon filters to remove airborne mold spores and mold mycotoxin poisons.

EnviroFry protects its mold remediation clients with its “Five Year Mold Remediation Service Guarantee” and million dollar general liability and errors and omissions insurance coverage. Read the details at

To schedule mold inspection, testing, removal, and remediation for residences and commercial buildings anywhere in Fort Wayne and northern Indiana, email Mr. Fry, or phone toll-free 1-866-300-1616, or visit the websites and

Phillip Fry, Co-Manager
10104 Sheridan Rd.,
Montrose, Michigan 48457
Phone toll-free 1-866-300-1616
Cell Phone 1-480-310-7970

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