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National Flash Flooding and Mold Remediation

National Flash Flooding and Mold Remediation

Oberlin, Ohio, July 14, 2015 — Severe flooding has been reported in a south central Kansas town called Wichita. Roughly 4,400 people are without power during the current storm as of July 14, leaving buildings wet and humid. In Reno county 300 people are without power due to the storm as well, leaving them in the same situation as Wichita. In River Falls, Wisconsin, a river has risen 6.7 feet from 2am to 10am and flooding has shown to be a problem. Also on July 6 in Las Vegas cars were repeatedly getting stuck in flood waters. The flooding is so severe that Nevada passed a law July 1 stating that people knowingly driving into flood waters must pay for their rescue. Flooding results in water damage. Water damage results in mold damage. Water and mold removal companies will be in full swing this summer and many customers will receive sub par services that leaves their home and place of business dangerous and unsanitary. For this reason it is important to know what is necessary for mold remediation to occur.

Many mold remediation companies will use toxic chemicals to remove mold which is a dangerous substance. It is just as ineffective as it is illogical. They will effectively swindle hard-earned money from hard working people struck with unforeseen tragedy. To avoid this one must understand a few things. First, any water in the area of remediation must be completely, thoroughly removed. This includes humidity above 60 percent and, obviously, any remaining water. Next, mold must be eliminated at the source. Because most mold removal companies use chemicals containing dangerous material that is ineffective on wood and any porous material and doesn’t destroy mold spores, it isn’t wise to use a traditional remediation company. Third, it is import to take steps to remove mold stains for the resale value of the home. The next step is to go to the substance deeper into the damaged area that could be considered the “roots”. To be properly done it can’t be merely wiped off with a sanitizing agent but must have a material that will soak in deep and kill the roots. The last stage is preventive in nature and is essential in order to have a mold free environment and prevent mold from having a sequel appearing.

This step requires an ozone machine. Liquid won’t reach in the places where only microscopic organisms like bacteria and mold spores, are hiding and these liquids aren’t up to the task of thoroughly eliminating mold remains anyway. Ozone machines create ozone gas that converts into normal air once the machine is turned off. An ozone generator fills the whole space with ozone gas even the nooks and crannies and kills mold spores 3,125 times faster than chlorine and eradicates all mycotoxins, that’s mold poisons, in that space. Most mold remediation companies still don’t use ozone equipment, leaving their customers homes contaminated with hidden mold spores, and potential illness causing, poisons, while leaving a frightful invoice. Safe Mold Solution is nearly the only company that offers their customers the promise of mold being fully remediated upon completion and also offers people the option to create their own solution with a DIY system or their very own ozone machine.

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