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Paleo Diet Weight Loss Blueprint Creator Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark honored a second time

Paleo Diet Weight Loss Blueprint Creator Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark honored a second time

Dr .Phillip Osmond Clark, Nutritional Doctor and Consultant, a previous recepient of the M.P.D.(“Most Progressive Doctor”) award from the International Society of Nutritional Professionals(I.S.N .P.), has been honored again by the Foundation for Nutritional Awareness.

Presenting the Foundations “Primal Paleo Person”award, Chairman Laurence Winthrop said : “From his earliest days, Dr. Clark has been, and continues to be, one of the truly informed few spreading the message of sound diet and health practices. I feel somewhat embarrassed that we have taken this long to formally recognize him.”

Receiving news of the award Dr . Clark Replied : “Naturally, I’m honored to be recognized. Especially by a non-profit organization like F.F.N.A. They truly ‘walk their talk’ in the most credible way. However, I must remind that I’m only one of many individuals committed to, and working for better World health. Every one of them, are equally deserving of this award.”

As the Son of a Nutritionist Mother and Gardener Father, Phillip Osmond Clark was exposed to Natural Food and Nature throughout his early years.

While he appreciated Nature, and did during his teen years assist his Father in the gardens of Blenheim Palace, Phillip eventually decided to follow in his Mother’s Footsteps.

After obtaining his medical degree, Phillip lectured throughout England, at venues large, small, attempting to raise Public consciousness on the relation between diet and health.

Today, Dr. Clark continues to lecture, consult and develop nutritional programs, not only for private individuals but for companies, hospitals and orphanages.

Although one of the early champions of the Paleo Diet , Dr. Clark counsels against extremes. “One of the problems with the so called ‘Stone Age Diet’ is that it can, and often is, interpreted too literally. By that I mean, following a diet plan exactly as our Cave Man ancestors is neither logical, nor desirable.”

What some call the ‘Cave Man Lifestyle’ is really the Cave Man diet . But we are not Cave Men (and Women) now. We don’t live in caves and wear animal skins. Our lifestyles are radically different.Thus, our food choices, whether they are on the Paleo Food List or not, must reflect those lifestyles.”

Dr. Clark gave this example : “Grains are not included in the classic by-the-book Paleo Diet Program. Because the Cave Man existed before the advent of farming. Therefore, grains, and more particularly, bread, did not exist. But today grains do exist. And provide essential nutrients. Thus, omitting them totally from your diet program, whether Paleo, Primal or even fast food, is not advised.”

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